Terms & Conditions



Paynamics acts as our payment platform with the following web payment features:

    Credit card information is stored in Paynamics system, integrated with SSL Certificate.

    Supports Credit card, Bancnet, Paypal, Gcash and other Global Payment Options. Customers can choose what payment method they are comfortable with during the checkout process


Paynamics strengthens and promotes e-commerce transactions through trust policies. These policies assure both ANAKO and customers that they are transacting on a safe and fair environment.

During the checkout process, customer will be redirected to a payment page that is hosted by Paynamics to select its preferred payment option. Upon payment completion, Paynamics will redirect back the customer to ANAKO E-store for order processing fulfillment. 


  1. ANAKO E-Store reserves the right to change the price of products without prior notice and at any time without giving any reason thereof.

  2. Price is subject to change depending on ANAKO E-store promotion programs. We do not commit to offering the same price for re-orders.



  • We will ship only to SHIPPING ADDRESS provided. Change of shipping address when order has already been shipped out is not allowed.

  • We cannot commit fixed delivery time. Please make sure you or someone authorized will be there to receive your order otherwise it will be a failed delivery and order will be returned to our hub.

  • Re-processing of order due to failed delivery will incur additional shipping/handling and storage fees.

  • We do not have same-day delivery and same-day pickup. 

How many days for the order to arrive?

We will process and ship your orders after confirmation of your payment. For orders with Metro Manila addresses, shipping usually takes 3-5 business days. For provincial addresses, 5-10 business days.  No courier pick up on Saturdays & Sundays, next pick up day will be on Monday.

Warehouse Pickup lets you buy items online and pick them up in our warehouse. You avoid shipping and scheduled delivery charges — and you may be able to get your order faster.

  1. During checkout, choose Warehouse Pickup. Items for pick-up will be processed immediately, after payment confirmation. 

  2. We’ll show you an estimated pickup date. Place your order and wait to receive a “Ready for Pickup” email (this is a separate email from your order confirmation).

  3. Please bring a valid government-issued photo ID and your invoice (either digitally or printed). If you wish to designate another person to pick-up your order, they must bring:

    1. a forwarded copy of your invoice, 

    2. your written authorization, which shall include the full name of the designated person, and

    3. the designated person's government-issued photo ID and the government-issued photo ID of the customer.

  4. It is important that you pick up your purchase no later than 7 days after your selected pick-up date. If you do not pick up your order within this time period, your purchase will be cancelled and payment reversed (credit card reversal). Any charges as a consequence of the payment reversal shall be for the account of the customer.

  5. If you cannot pickup your order within 7 days, you may either contact our customer service at (02) 92 – ANAKO (26256) to prevent your order from being cancelled, and to enable you to extend your store pickup time frame.

  6. Please consider the size of your vehicle, as your order may be larger and heavier than expected due to packaging.



Returns due to change of mind will not be accepted. 

A defective item covered by warranty can only be returned subject to the terms and conditions, and upon compliance with the procedure below. It is understood that a claim for defective item shall undergo an assessment by our support/technical team and when necessary, a referral to the manufacturer for its assessment. Replacement of the item shall be upon the discretion of our technical team and/or the manufacturer. 

  1. Customer must submit a RMA (Return Merchandise Application).

  2. Email support@anakophilippines.com for replacement request within 7 business days upon receipt of item.

  3. Indicate in the subject field “RMA_ORDER #”
    Include your name, contact number, item description and serial number, date received, incident report, photos of item.

  4. Wait for our support personnel to get back to you for our technical team’s and/or manufacturer's  findings, and for further requirements, if any.

  5. The return of items MUST CONFORM to the rules below:

    1. Claims for returns of items with visible damage shall STRICTLY be accepted only within 7 business days from receipt of the item. Claims after seven (7) business days from  receipt of the item is no longer eligible for replacement except those under Warranty Policy letter (b). 

    2. Returns should be presented with its ORIGINAL INVOICE /RECEIPT and should be in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING and IN GOOD CONDITION. Items that are damaged, unsanitary, dented or scratched may be denied a return.

    3. Items bought as a package should be returned as a package. 

    4. Return and replacement of customized items will NOT BE ACCEPTED. Custom Order items are items where a customer has requested specific attributes (e.g., finish, color, size) or where a manufacturer builds only to order.

    5. Claims for defect and/or for replacement of defective item is subject to our and/or manufacturer’s assessment.  In the event replacement is no longer practicable, ANAKO may either offer client a similar item of same quality or to cancel the sale at no further cost to client and Anako. 


Cancellation of order is not encouraged. However, ANAKO allows cancellation of an order of an online item or several items provided the ff. conditions are met:

    1. The item(s) you want to cancel is not yet shipped (for delivery transaction)

    2. The item(s) you want to cancel has not yet been ordered with the manufacturer /supplier.  

    3. The item(s) you want to cancel has not yet been manufactured by our supplier.  However, any incidental expense that has been incurred by ANAKO or charged by the manufacturer relative to the placement of order and its cancellation shall be for your account.

    4. The item(s) you want to cancel has no confirmation of pick-up date (for pick-up transactions)

    5. The item(s) you want to cancel are not customized items.

Consequently, any vouchers, discounts, or promotions applied in the order cannot be reused. Orders that are prepaid via credit/debit cards will be reversed automatically to your account within one to two billing cycles (one billing cycle is 1 month); depending on your bank policy. Any charges for such reversal shall be for your account. The remaining order’s value after you canceled one or several items has to fulfill the same conditions for discount, promotions, or minimum basket fee exemption applied to the order. If not, your order may be canceled.


  1. Product quality is strictly inspected by ANAKO Quality Control.  It is further covered by Manufacturer’s Product Warranty. All claims for damages on the product shall undergo investigation. 

(a) Visible Damage- Any claim arising from visible damage shall be filed within 7 business days upon receipt of the item, in accordance with the conditions and procedure under Return and Exchange Policy.

(b) Other Damage – Any claim arising from other damage not visible shall be filed by the client within a reasonable period but not to exceed one (1) month from date of receipt and in accordance with the conditions and procedure under Return and Exchange Policy.  In cases, where claim is proven as a factory defect, no replacement shall be made until the principal foreign supplier renders a final resolution on the claim.  

(c) No Warranty- ANAKO’s expressed warranty shall not apply to any item damaged as a result of any accident, negligence, use in any application for which the item is not designed or intended, modifications after the fact including combination with products or accessories not specifically authorized by ANAKO or manufacturer, or by any other causes unrelated to defective workmanship, materials or manufacture. 

    B.Product Service Warranty, whenever stated, covers the cost of repair – check-up and labor service only.  The warranty coverage is from date of purchase to end of allotted warranty period. (For example: 1 year warranty for a VALVE bought on March 3, 2018 is covered from March 3, 2019 until March 2, 2020).  

In case where the item is no longer covered by warranty, the cost that will be incurred in replacing part/s shall be shouldered by the client.


If and when, replacement part/s are needed to complete a repair; client expressly agrees to wait until said needed parts have been delivered and repair is completed.

Warranty terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. 


The warranty becomes void or null :

  • If the serial no. / model no. of the product has been tampered with or removed.

  • The product was serviced/returned beyond the given warranty period. 

  • The product was serviced/repaired by another entity other than ANAKO.

  • Defects arising from the CUSTOMER MISUSED automatically revokes the product and service warranties. All costs concerning repair of the defective item SHALL BE AT THE EXPENSE of the CLIENT.